There comes a tide in the affairs of men … there is always a never-going tide it would seem, fortunately…which would lead at times to the urge of writing a story…This came to my life about twenty years ago when I got my first XT computer and I required writing something when I was stuck in my science. I started writing stories…

At that time my children were not yet ten-agers and we had a lovely fox-terrier, Bianca, and we lived in a lovely one-and-a-half-acre bungalow in the campus where I worked. My first stories were naturally about my children… My subsequent stories were…well, you can read them…as I keep up-darting (a typographical error, which I will keep; badness knows why?)

The stories are the following (not in chronological order, perhaps):-

1) A Child in the Life of the Day. This is almost a true story except that it never happened. Something like it had every opportunity to happen though.

2) A Chaitra Princess. This is true story that happened almost exactly the way it has been written. My two brothers, my parents, my father-in-law were alive… the family and its extended version were together and well knit and in one place (at Bangalore)…computer science was still a science …. “IT” industry had not yet began spreading its material claws and sundering families ….

3) Simple Ditties or Nothing at All. This story is aimed to be based on the way we hum simple tunes spontaneously as if there is some sort of extrasensory perception. There must be an external connection with rest of the population through its environment. It must shape your life depending upon the influence of your environment. It must come out of a restless mind which has been idled.